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Other Sources of SCSI Information

SCSI Organizations:

SCSI Trade Association - Founded to promote SCSI interface. Their Web site contains a list of members, some white papers and magazine articles about progress in SCSI development.

WWW Virtual Library of SCSI - Information on SCSI bus interface, SCSI standards, SCSI manufacturers and distributors, SCSI technical information, SCSI books and SCSI test equipment from the Organization of WWW Virtual Library System.

SCSI Standards:

T10 Home Page - T10 is a Technical Committee of the National Committee on Information Technology Standards. NCITS is accredited by, and operates under rules that are approved by, the American National Standards Institute.

T10 Draft Standards and other Publications - Approved American National Standards and Technical Reports may be purchased ANSI or from Global Engineering Documents. List of available documents and designated numbers.

Working Drafts Online - This includes SCSI Architecture and Protocols.


Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana - FTP site for the usenet postings of the SCSI BBS from 1994. Their phone number is: 719-574-0424.

SCSI Technical:

PC Webopedia - SCSI Information - An online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology.

Trish's SCSI Computer Hardware and Peripheral Help and Info - SCSI help from a computer hardware help directory. Settings, specs, configs, reviews, tutorials, how to, faq, downloads and troubleshooting.


Advanced Storage Concepts - Provides SCSI Target Mode support software packages. The VirtualSCSI Target Mode Library is available for both DOS and Windows NT.

Adaptec - Its high performance I/O, connectivity, and network products are incorporated into the systems and products of major computer and peripheral manufacturers.

QLogic Corporation - Provides high-performance interface connections for computer systems and their attached data storage peripherals, such as hard disk and tape drives, CD-ROM drives and RAID subsystems.

Hitachi Data Systems - Simple Modular Storage offers storage with no single point of failure using RAID-6 configuration for non-disruptive operation. Enterprise data storage solutions and High-availability storage solutions.

Mylex Corporation - Develops intelligent, high performance hardware and software for moving, storing, protecting and managing data in desktop and networked environments.

The Industrial Resource Network - Offers Power Sourcing Buyers' Guide.

SCSI Publications:

Making SCSI Work - A must read for anyone utilizing SCSI-connected devices. For those who want common-sense information on using SCSI to satisfy the data communication requirements of today and the future. Newly released!

Introduction to the SCSI Series - ENDL Publications supplies books which are designed for engineers, programmers and application support personnel who work with SCSI.

The Book of SCSI - Written by Peter Ridge and David Deming, shows users how to install, configure and optimize a SCSI system.

The Programmer's Guide to SCSI - Tutorial and reference to the SCSI, the standard interface for high-performance computer peripherals. Geared specifically for programmers who are writing drivers for creating applications that support SCSI devices, presents comprehensive SCSI hardware and software information within the context of software development.

Published and Unpublished Specifications:

Global Engineering Documents - Technical solution for obtaining industry, government, military, U.S., international and national standards, specifications, and publications.

ANSI Online - American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers up-to-date resources on national and international standards activities.

Computer Forensics:

E-Evidence Information Center - Compilation of links to material related to all aspects of Digital Forensics and Electronic Evidence.

Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) Project - The project provides a measure of assurance that the tools used in the investigations of computer-related crimes produce valid results. It also supports other projects in the National Institute of Justice's overall computer forensics research program, such as the National Software Reference Library (NSRL). Site contains Hardware Write Blocker Device (HWB) Specification.

Purchase SCSI Products Online:

Paralan Store - Convenient access to hundreds of products for LVD/MSE, HVD and SE SCSI and iSCSI IP storage.

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