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"Making SCSI Work"
For A Better Understanding of SCSI – A New, Information-Packed Book by the Staff of Paralan Corporation

It's a "Must Read" for anyone utilizing SCSI-connected devices. The new 136-page guide covers such subjects as:
  • Maximizing thruput
  • Distance limitations (and ways to beat them)
  • SCSI options – when to use what
  • Cables, connectors and terminations
  • Mixing wide and narrow SCSI devices
  • Ultra2 and beyond
  • SCSI standards and where to find them
  • Read an Excerpt from the book on LVD SCSI or on Cable Cautions
  • No Longer Available

PDF version of this data sheet.

New book on SCSI interface. A practical guide on SCSI intended for those who want a better general understanding of SCSI Information and Applications

For those who want common-sense information on using SCSI to satisfy the data communication requirements of today and the future.

Making SCSI Work
Table of Contents:

Preface: For A Better Understanding of SCSI

Chapter I: The Basics of SCSI

  • What is the SCSI Bus?
  • A History of Evolution: From SASI to SCSI-3
  • The SCSI Interfaces
  • Initiators and Targets
  • Disks, Tapes and Hosts... the SCSI Devices
  • Extend the Bus Length with SCSI Expanders
  • SCSI Commands Get the Job Done

Chapter II: The Parallel SCSI Interface

  • Parallel SCSI Interface Alternatives and Options
  • The SCSI Domain and SCSI Bus Segments
  • Single-ended SCSI
  • Differential SCSI
  • Low Voltage Differential SCSI
  • Cable Cautions
  • Stubs
  • The Speed Options: Asynchronous, Synchronous, Fast and Ultra SCSI
  • The Data Path Options: Narrow and Wide SCSI
  • Interconnecting Single-Ended and Differential SCSI
  • Extending the SCSI Bus
  • Interconnecting Narrow and Wide SCSI
  • Troubleshooting the Parallel SCSI Interface

Chapter III: The Parallel SCSI Protocol

  • SCSI Bus Phases
  • Arbitration and Selection
  • The Concept of SCSI Messages
  • Command Transfer
  • Parameter and Data Transfer
  • How a SCSI Command is Completed
  • Negotiating the Data Transfer Options
  • Freeing the Bus: Disconnect/Reselect
  • Multithreading: Tasks and Queues
  • Error Handling: The Role of the Parity Bit
  • SCAM - SCSI Configured AutoMatically
  • Plug and Play SCSI

Chapter IV: Future SCSI Directions

  • Ultra-2 SCSI and Beyond
  • The Serial Interface Alternatives of SCSI-3
  • Fibre Channel and FC-AL
  • SSA (Serial Storage Architecture)
  • P1394 (Fire Wire)
  • Serial Expanders

Appendix A: System Connectors Reference

  • ANSI Specified SCSI-1 Connectors
  • SCSI-2 Connectors
  • SCSI-3 Connectors
  • Emerging Standard Connectors
  • Vendor Specific Connectors

Appendix B: SCSI Terms and Abbreviations

Appendix C: Other Sources of Information

  • Internet
  • BBSs
  • Published ANSI Specifications
  • Published and Unpublished Specifications
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