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Extend SCSI using Paralan's Converters

Extend SCSI using Paralan's Converters

A simple and effective method of extending SCSI cable length is available using Paralan's SCSI Converters. One method, using two converters in series is depicted above. In a situation when the maximum cable length is not enough, two converters may be used as shown. In this example the total bus length (total SCSI Domain) is more than doubled.

There are several other configurations that may be used to increase the useful distance of the SCSI bus. All versions of parallel SCSI (Single-Ended, LVD, HVD) may be extended in a similar manner.

All that is required is to connect the devices. No SCSI I.D.s are used by Paralan's Converters. No software changes are needed and they are completely transparent to the system and the operator.

Lengthen the bus when making conversions

Lengthen the bus when making conversions

When Paralan's SCSI converters are used to implement communication between the different versions of SCSI, the full length of the bus is allowed on both sides of the converter. Therefore the total length is increased.

SCSI conversion is not limited to the one shown. Conversion is available between all SCSI bus types.

At Paralan Corporation we are always available for consultation on your application.

See Paralan's SCSI Converters.

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